Inflow & Infiltration

What is Inflow & Infiltration?

Inflow & Infiltration, commonly referred to as "I & I", is storm water or groundwater that enters the sewer system through cracked pipes, damaged manholes, or improperly connected residential or commercial plumbing. Most inflow comes from storm water and most infiltration comes from groundwater.

Inflow & Infiltration Solutions

Smoke Testing areas of concern in the system can help locate broken pipes or improper connections. The sewer system is filled with a nontoxic, harmless smoke in a designated area. The smoke exits the system where pipes are broken indicating the location of I & I. This allows crews to visually locate problems in the system.

CCTV inspections record the condition of the sewer mains by using a TV camera designed to record the inside of the pipe. The videos help crews to identify breaks, root intrusion, and groundwater infiltration.

Manhole inspections are performed routinely as an additional tool to prevent I & I. Leaks in manholes are identified through visual inspections.

Repair and Replace as inspections are performed and leaks are identified, crews are scheduled to repair the problems, reducing the inflow and infiltration into the system.